Moore & Symons Healthcare Experience

  • Call Center Diversion: Develop cloud methods to help handle phone calls
  • Collaboration with McKinsey on motivational investigations
  • Communications enhancement: Optimizing usage of medicare member handbook materials, expanding acceptance of generics vs name brands, consideration of emergency clinics vs ERs, evaluation of physician finder website
  • Critical Components of the ER Experience
  • Defector Analyses: Reasons for plan departures, evaluate means to reduce departures
  • Evaluation of variety of innovative programs, e.g., offerings at Senior Olympics, healthcare monitoring website development, evaluation of exercise motivating activities such as Dance Town and Game Bike, concept evaluation for MediKiosk
  • Impressions of Patients of the New Outpatient Surgery Center
  • Qualitative and Quantitative to develop Medication Therapy Management interactions
  • Qualitative and Quantitative to improve application rate for RightSourceRx
  • Senior Touchpoints: Qualitative and Quantitative with Seniors to determine their pathway to selecting a medicare plan
  • Smart Summary monthly member statement (award winning): IDIs with members to design statement, focus groups and telephone to evaluate its impact
  • Understanding Factors Driving Patient Satisfaction or Dissatisfaction