Financial Services Industry

“My first financial services research project was decades ago, and I’m still fascinated by how much there is to discover about the business.”  –Pat McBurnette

Moore & Symons Financial Experience
Financial Institutions:

  • Customer satisfaction surveys, online and telephone
  • Focus groups among high-fee customers regarding expected changes in banking products
  • Focus groups among wealth management customers regarding logo impact
  • Focus groups among free checking customers regarding alternative pathways to “free”
  • Surveys measuring and tracking brand equity development
  • Surveys to evaluate home preservation workshops
  • Surveys to measure reasons for customer departure
  • Surveys to determine levels of satisfaction among declined consumers
  • Surveys to ensure workplace satisfaction
  • Qualitative understanding of impact of new bank product features
  • Surveys tracking market stance: awareness, consideration, trial, usage, preference, attitude, reputation, etc.
  • Qualitative exploration of fit between customer values and bank values
  • Qualitative decision criteria and process for retail checking accounts
  • Qualitative exploration of appeal of hedge fund investment features
  • Qualitative exploration of logo design and impressions delivered


  • Tracking Reasons for Departure during Mortgage Process Engagement
  • Developing Customer Loyalty Strategies
  • Enhancing Referrals from Realtors, Builders, and Bankers
  • Understanding the First Time Homebuyer and Renters
  • Determining Effective Means to Reduce Delinquency Rates
  • Study of Sales Management Roles
  • Consumer Perceptions of Sales Force Knowledge
  • Gaining Access and Volume from Brokers
  • Understanding Realtors as a Referral Source
  • Opportunities to Enhance the Customer Experience through the Online Portal
  • Mortgage Loan Officer Workplace Support Surveys
  • Developing Effective Direct Mail Messaging to Potential First Time Home Buyers
  • Developing a Deeper Relationship among Correspondent Customers